Scaffolding Hire Prices in 2024

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Scaffold hire can be a cost-effective alternative to outright purchasing full systems. Scaffolding hire prices are ideal, particularly for residential construction with tight budgets.

It is important to understand whether hiring scaffolding is the correct option. AUSF has collated scaffold hire prices in-house and across the market.


Scaffold hire rates can vary based on types of scaffolding and other factors we will discuss below. Ultimately, hire prices on a temporary kwikstage pre-set can vary between $200 and $600 a week.

For larger systems, the cost can be more. Some suppliers can offer hire on a day-to-day basis.


Mobile Scaffolding Tower height

Price for Single Width Per Week

Price for Double Width Per Week

2m Platform



3m Platform



4m Platform



5m Platform



6m Platform



The following figures were compiled from multiple suppliers across the market to produce an average value. Rates shown below are calculated on a per week basis.

Mobile scaffolding hire rates can be split into single or double-platform-width towers, with different prices.

It is important to note the rates for mobile scaffolding towers will vary as the platform height increases. One reason is less demand for platform heights above certain heights. 

In addition, only licenced professionals are permitted to erect scaffolding with a platform height of four metres or above.


There are several factors that decide the cost when hiring scaffolding.


Residential and commercial hire have significant differences. Residential jobs are often smaller, and a scaffold tower is sufficient enough for all works on the house.

On a commercial project, a scaffolding job can be a massive undertaking. A scaffolding company will usually install interconnected bays to surround the whole building.

Furthermore, different systems may be in use concurrently as various teams work on separate smaller tasks.


The scaffolding required on each job can vary depending on the terrain of the job site. A Kwikstage temporary structure or mobile tower on uneven ground is not ideal.

Only when there is solid construction or work has been done to flatten the terrain can mobile scaffolds be erected on-site.

Certain sites may prevent ground-based scaffolding, so workers must resort to cantilever or suspended systems.


Most scaffolding hire suppliers charge weekly; however, there are instances of per day or month. Long-term jobs mean the cost of hiring scaffolding increases.

It is worth comparing the retail and the hire price before beginning work. If a scaffold is on a job site for over a month, it may be a better financial decision to buy the equipment instead.


As mentioned above, the higher the scaffold, the more components are required and the higher the cost.

Those requiring scaffolding with platform heights above four metres or more will need to enlist qualified scaffolders to assemble the towers.


Even for towers that are two or three metres tall, there are options to have labour erect and dismantle products on a construction site.


All companies offer additional services that may be desirable depending on the project:

  • Delivery direct to the worksite. Companies can also supply forklifts for unloading, depending on the quantity of stock; and
  • Many businesses provide estimation along with a quote for hire.

The construction industry is high risk, and working at heights is hazardous. That is why it is more important than ever to ensure workers have the correct equipment. You can call or email us today to enquire about scaffolding hire.