LVL Beams in Stock

Laminated Veneer Lumber  (LVL Timber) is a high-quality substitue to solid lumber and steel in formwork. Manufactured with anti-moisture paint on both ends, LVL is is utilised in formwork bearers, joist soldiers, and walers.

Australia Scaffolding & Formwork is a leading supplier of LVL products. Buy LVL Timber that is affordable and sustainable, and can be found on Tier One construction sites across the nation.

LVL Timber Sizes Available

Most LVL products act as headers, beams, rim boards, and other functions requiring strong wood products or heavier loads. Their variety of uses and cost-efficiency make LVL Timber the material of choice.

Australia Scaffolding & Formwork has two laminated veneer products available on the market. We offer 95 x 65 or 150 x 77mm beams in multiple lengths. Our professional sales team can guide you towards the best beam for your worksite.

All Timber completes rigorous testing and meets Australian standard 4357.

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