Kwikstage Scaffold For Elevated Work

As one of Australia’s leading scaffold suppliers, we offer all kwikstage scaffolding and components in their various sizes. Our kwikstage range includes stable scaffolding with a multitude of components allowing for a level of flexibility over other product lines. Their ease of use and quick assembly make them especially useful in fast-paced residential and commercial construction!

Kwikstage scaffolding and components have received approval for use by WorkSafe. All products are tested following Australian standards to eliminate possibilities for defects and maximise safety on-site. Continue your work on some of the strongest scaffolding on the market!

AUSF supplies both galvanised and painted kwikstage scaffolding. Kwikstage components with a galvanised finish protect them against harsh weather, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor construction. Our painted range is manufactured with the same materials, excluding the hot-dip galvanisation, providing a more cost-effective scaffold suited to indoor environments. Enjoy the additional choice of painted scaffolding!

Australian Scaffolding & Formwork stocks a variety of affordable, flexible, and quality-assured Kwikstage Scaffolding and components. If you require further information about our kwikstage range or other enquiries, please contact us today!

Kwikstage Components

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