How to Remove Star Pickets

Many farmers and landscapers have their own tricks for dislodging pickets quickly and easily. For those looking for new methods or starting from scratch, here are the easiest ways to remove Star Pickets from the ground.

Star Pickets are metal posts that dig into the soil. Their primary function is to support wire fencing on farmland although they can also act as bases for Temporary Fencing. They are fast to hammer into the ground but pose a challenge when removed from the earth. Here are a few ways to remove Star Pickets with ease.

No Equipment

The cheapest, but certainly most complex and time-consuming, is removal by hand. Shimmy the picket in until it is loose enough to lift out of the ground. Soaking the area surrounding the Star Picket before smacking it with a mallet will help in areas with tough soil.

Of course, it’s not always practical by hand, mainly when the bottom of the metal post is half a metre in the ground. Now is the time to get more creative.

DIY Metal Post Remover

When short on time, money, or both, crafting your tools is more efficient than dropping down to your local wholesaler.

Your tool can be made of anything as long as it is sturdy. The goal is to create your own leverage that you can use to pull out the Star Picket. One DIY method involves gripping the picket with a bolt cutter and a block of wood under the jaw, acting as the fulcrum.

Dedicated Star Picket Remover

Buying a lever-based remover is recommended if pulling pickets from the ground is a common task. They are widespread and affordable. It is also the safest and most efficient method for removing Star Pickets.

The tool’s base sits beside the picket you want to remove with the clamp firmly around the post. The pole begins rising upon pushing down on the lever.

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