A Guide to Falsework

Temporary Falsework Structure

What is Falsework?

The history of Formwork and Falsework spans thousands of years, dating back to ancient Rome. Falsework describes temporary supports that hold concrete blocks until it has fully cured.

A variety of equipment falls under Falsework, including:

  • Acrow Props;
  • H Frame and V Frame Shoring; and
  • Timber Beams.

Falsework is essential on long-term, multi-storey construction. Buildings are able to maintain structural integrity until they are self-supporting.

The Difference Between Formwork and Falsework

The terms are often lumped together, but Formwork and Falsework support buildings in distinct ways.

Formwork acts as a temporary mould to hold the shape of concrete until cured while Falsework supports slabs and walls in place.

Formwork equipment includes:

  • Plywood Sheets; and
  • Aluminium or Steel Plates.

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