Temporary Fencing Hire Prices in 2024

How Much Are Temporary Fencing Hire Prices?

On average, it is $400-$500 to hire 50m of fencing for one week, or $7-$10 per metre. The cost of hiring Temporary Fencing can vary greatly between suppliers due to the scale of their operations

The same quantity can be supplied on average for $900 over 12 months, barely double the original amount. Long-term Temporary Fence hire prices are vastly cheaper compared to short-term.

The reason for the dramatic difference boils down to the associated admin, delivery, and setup costs. These costs remain the same whether the hire period is two weeks or two years.

Wholesale prices for Temporary Fencing are more stable. Using data collected across the market, AUSF determined the average Temp Fence Panels cost $54.


Average Retail Pricing

2.5mm Panel


3.0mm Panel


Concrete Base


Fence Clamp


Calculating The Total Cost of Temporary Fencing

There are various additional fees to factor in when calculating the total cost of a hire period. Missing or damaged stock, delivery and pick up, and installation quickly balloon and can double Temporary Fencing hire prices.

When hiring for an extended period, the length of the hire itself can be only half of the order, while additional fees take up the bulk.



100m Temporary Fence Rental Fee For Six Months


Delivery Fee


Pick up Fee


Cost of Replacement on Five Damaged or Missing Panels


Labour For Installation


Total Hire Cost


Much of the margin on Temporary Fence hire comes from the additional services, as shown above. Rental fencing is still quite affordable despite the pricing, but there is a threshold for when buying over hiring is cheaper.

Why Buy Instead of Hire?

Depending on delivery, damage, and labour fees, six months and beyond may mark the threshold at which purchasing is more economically viable to hire.

Anyone without storage space after a project may find it practical to keep hiring. In these cases, the convenience of pick up at the end of a job outweighs the extra cost.

At the same time, it is equally convenient and easy to lend your Temporary Fencing to others in need, so long as they are intact.

Advantages of Buying Over Hiring


Panels can be utilised wherever and whenever you want. The legwork is gone from sourcing quotes from hire companies, arranging payment, and a set day for delivery every time.

Temporary Fencing is at your disposal, and you are not locked into a certain timeframe to use stock.


Purchasing is always the correct move when planning to use fencing more than once. Money that would otherwise be spent on further deliveries is instead directed towards other aspects of a project.

Panels are easily replaceable after years of usage, and reselling is quick if you realise you don’t require them anymore.

No Hidden Fees

As mentioned above, the Temporary Fencing cost per metre will rise when factoring in additional charges. Factors such as extending the length of hire, cost of replacement panels, and labour are all hidden costs that can emerge later.

Buying outright removes those hidden costs that can balloon Temporary Fencing hire prices.

No Provisions

Buying removes the stress and anxiety of additional costs when panels are damaged or lost. Those hidden costs can create budgetary issues if unexpected circumstances affect the worksite.

Why Choose Australia Scaffolding & Formwork?

AUSF is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Temporary Fencing across Australia. All panels are built to Australian standards. Temporary Fencing is a legal requirement on worksites to enclose the area for the duration of construction.

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