Riverina Apartments

kwikstage outside Riverina


The Riverina is a large-scale construction of 5 high-rise apartment buildings located in Footscray. Construction is ongoing, with the finished buildings estimated to accommodate Rover 900 residents. 

The Riverina boasts one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that bundle affordability with luxury, located only 20 minutes from the centre of Melbourne’s CBD.

AUSF is working in collaboration with developer AZX Group to supply the project with scaffolding & formwork.

Products & Systems in use

AUSF’s contribution to Riverina involves supplying LVL Timber Beams and F17 Formply SheetsKwikstage for large scaffolding setups, and V-Frames. The latter is preferable over H-Frames for their additional load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for such a large commercial job.

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