Galvanised steel Two Board Scaffold Hop Up allows additional working platforms to protrude out the sides of an existing scaffold bay. Tubular knee bracing and quick attachment to adjacent components create a more spacious working space on a construction site.

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  • Lightweight 
  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards
  • Easily attachable to Standards and Tie Bars
  • WorkSafe certified


Test Results Installation Guide

The lightweight and sturdy Two Board Hop Up Brackets allow extra Scaffolding Planks to protrude from the existing frame. Hop Up Brackets attach to opposite Standards on a Kwikstage bay and connect using Scaffold Tie Bars to secure platforms in place.  Kwikstage Hop Ups bridge the gap between the scaffold and an adjacent wall in three simple steps.

A Tubular knee bracing fixed to the Scaffold Hop Up Bracket supports the cantilevered platform sitting on top. Models are available in paint or galvanised steel, the latter offering additional rust resistance. All models undergo WorkSafe certification, guaranteeing your safety on a worksite.

✓ Australian standard manufacturing

✓ Expand your work platform in seconds

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