The 1350mm Fence or Y Post, assists with excavation marking, landscaping and surveying. Posts are hand-dipped in black tar for protection against wind and rain.


  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards
  • WorkSafe certified
  • Low cost
  • Black tar dipped for rust prevention and longevity


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1350mm Y Posts are available for use in outdoor environments. They have multiple functions beyond commercial and residential construction and landscaping, such as setup in community and school-based athletics for guiding and organising large groups of people in spacious outdoor settings with no existing infrastructure.

A black tar coat offers rust prevention and protection against the elements. Posts are made in accordance with safety standards and cleared for use after inspection by regulatory bodies.

✓ Affordable 

✓ WorkSafe certified

✓ Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards

✓ Hand-dipped black tar for rust prevention

Weight N/A

Single, 10 Pack, 400 Pack (Stillage)


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