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AUSF aluminium towers are available to buy and hire from our Melbourne and Sydney warehouses. Our trusted variety of WorkSafe-certified stock can be found nationwide on tier-1 commercial and residential worksites. All towers meet Australian Standards and come with a 3-year warranty.

Buy additional scaffolding components to create a tower suitable for your needs. We offer local pick-up and delivery Australia-wide.
AUSF continues its commitment to supplying the best purchase and hire equipment at the best prices anywhere. Speak with our friendly team and grab a free quote today.

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Scafeast Brand


Our Scafeast brand Mobile Scaffold combines the highest quality stock at the best prices. Lightweight but durable aluminium components allow easy assembly by a single person or with a friend. Our lightweight towers offer portability across sites without the need for dismantling.

Modular parts and a foldable frame give towers a compact design. Declutter your worksite or home with a small tower that is convenient for storage. Our aluminium towers use attachable handrails to adequately protect against falls. The result is a stable, elevated working environment for personnel and tools. 

Carpentry, painting, and DIY are a few of the many applications of mobile scaffolding. Our Scafeast brand has four different ranges boasting wider platforms and foldable frames.

Folding Scaffold


Double Width Scaffold


Narrow Scaffold


Scaffold Components

Aluminium Mobile scaffolding 2m

Double Bay

Utilise an aluminium scaffold with twice the space and capacity. Perfect for long-haul construction where heavy equipment is required and safety is a top priority.

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Mobile Scaffold 2m Single width

Single Bay


Single-bay mobile scaffolding gives you an effortlessly compact product with the larger platform. Maintain your safety with kickboards, stabilisers and more that come with our towers.

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Folding Scaffold 2m

Folding Scaffold

The multi-bay aluminium scaffolding packages are excellent for fast-moving construction sites. Connect multiple towers together to extend your working platform at a cheaper price than two separate builds!

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Mobile Scaffold Hire


Australia Scaffolding & Formwork service Melbourne and Sydney with local equipment hire. Gain access to WorkSafe single and double-bay platforms at your convenience!

Why Should You Hire?

  • Rent our range of single and double-bay equipment, fully certified and at a fraction of the price!
  • Return to us after completion of work and remove the need for long-term storage entirely.
  • Unsure about committing to a purchase? Hire our scaffold as a test run and put your fears to rest!


Contact our team over the phone, by email, or in-store expressing interest


Select from a range of single and double-bay towers up to 7 metres in height. Our team will guide you through the process and make suggestions that fit your requirements.

Rental Period

Complete work on the construction site within the allotted time agreed upon.


Return the equipment once the rental agreement is complete. Ensure appropriate use of stock to prevent damage of components.

Deposit Return

A deposit is required for the duration of the hire. Upon returning mobile scaffolding, the deposit will be sent to your account at the end of the rental period.

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    Scaffold licence & standards

    It is vital to understand the limits and rules around assembling a tower. Individuals can erect an aluminium scaffold with a platform up to 4 metres in height. The restricted height is ideal for single-story construction, roof maintenance, and other small-scale projects.

    Beyond a working platform height of 4 metres requires a professional scaffolder. Tradesmen equipped with working at height qualifications and licence to erect, alter, and dismantle mobile scaffolding.It is vital to follow regulations to validate the safety of your scaffolding to prevent injury and death.

    Lack of regulation creates dangerous worksites and platforms that can cause injury or even death. Therefore, AUSF conducts strict testing to ensure compliance with Australian Standard 1576 and WorkSafe.

    Trusted by over 2000 Australian companies.

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