Open-End Kwikstage Standards are vertical supports that can hold U-head Jacks on top, allowing you to erect both Kwikstage scaffolding and formwork systems efficiently. Industry-standard galvanised steel makes this product suitable for residential and commercial construction.

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  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards
  • Compatible with U-Head and Base Jack
  • Save money and time with a versatile Scaffolding & Formwork system

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Open-End Kwikstage Standards are vertical supports of Kwikstage Scaffolding. Open-End variants allow U-Heads to connect at the top, creating a system that doubles as shoring for LVL Beams, and scaffolding for workers. Same as our regular Kwikstage Standards, the Open-end counterpart supports Transoms, Ledgers, Braces, and Hop-Ups. Compatability with U-Heads and galvanised steel tubes guarantee a sturdy and resistant product that saves time on-site.

Each vertical support is thoroughly tested before being certified by WorkSafe for use.

Trust our experienced team to provide you with quality open end standards at competitive pricing and in compliance with Australian safety regulations.

✓ Manufactured in compliance with the current Australian safety standards.

✓ Shoring and scaffold system

✓ 3-year warranty

✓ WorkSafe certified

Length (m)

1, 2

weight (kg)

5.87, 10.97


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Length (mm)

Qty (per pallet)

Weight (kg)

Code (paint / HDG)




S0008 / S0068




S0009 / S0069

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