The 2m aluminium scaffold tower can be erected and dismantled in minutes due to its lightweight design. Useful for warehouse picking, painting, or home and shop repairs.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor construction sites. 3 bays allow for coupling of the modular scaffolds, improving flexibility, productivity and working space.

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  • Manufactured in accordance with Australian standards
  • WorkSafe certification
  • Portability
  • Safe workload 225kg


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The 2m aluminium scaffold tower offers fast assembly and disassembly within minutes due to its lightweight design. The aluminium frame ensures durable, portable and sturdy scaffolding for use in both indoor and outdoor construction sites. Multiple bays create an opportunity for these modular aluminium towers to combine. Coupled scaffolds add flexibility, creating extra space coverage and increasing productivity.

The 2m Aluminium Scaffold tower (3 bays) is packaged with:

  • 4 x 2.0m ladder frame
  • 2 x 1.0m Guardrail frame
  • 4 x Guardrail post
  • 18 x Horizontal brace
  • 6 x Diagonal brace
  • 3 x Bottom brace
  • 3 x Platform with hatch
  • 8 x 6-inch Lockable wheel

The 3 bays offer additional add-ons to suit your needs:

  • 8-inch adjustable wheels
  • 1740mm ladder
  • Stabiliser
  • Kickboard

Improve accessibility for hard to reach areas on your worksite with the 2m aluminium scaffold towers.

✓ Manufactured in compliance with the current Australian safety standards.

✓ 3-year warranty

✓ Safe workload: 225kg

✓ WorkSafe certified

Additional specifications

  • 7500mm x 3000mm x 700mm
Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 2 cm


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